The Price is Right

Have you ever wondered why some families are confidently choosing to upgrade their homes in the current market?

Did you know the slowdown in the property market is in fact financially advantageous for homeowners who want to upgrade their homes?


Everyone knows that properties are cheaper today than they were a few years ago.  Because of this, today’s homeowners have the opportunity to trade up to a larger and a better quality home at a more affordable change over price than they could in the past.

This fall in prices provides families who wish to upgrade an excellent opportunity to trade up to a better home with a smaller changeover cost.  The gap in price difference between a more expensive home and a cheaper one is much smaller today than it was two or three years ago.  We are also currently experiencing increased demand for lower priced houses and this provides a great opportunity to pay an even smaller changeover cost. 

With the market currently bouncing around what I believe to be the bottom of the property cycle, an increasing number of homeowners are realising that this is the best possible environment to upgrade their homes are real winners.  When the market turns – and it will sooner or later – homeowners who have made the move and bought bigger and better quality homes in better locations will not only enjoy an immediate improved lifestyle but will also benefit from the increase in capital growth that will inevitably follow.


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