How Do You Negotiate Best Price… When There Is Only One Buyer?



The booming market of years passed have meant that real estate agents have become facilitators of sales rather than negotiators of them.

Where there is one house and three buyers who desperately want it, an agent does not have to sell the property. They simply facilitate the bidding process to find the highest paying buyer.

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Why Print Doesnt Add Up

The internet has just about killed off newspapers world wide. With it has gone the rivers of gold – the classifieds.

Classified advertising for cars, real estate and jobs all underpinned newspaper’s profits.

The rivers of gold for newspapers also created rivers of gold for estate agents. Agents packaged up expensive and largely needless print campaigns that home sellers were convinced to pay for upfront.

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Do You Have A Buyer

The best agents will always be able to introduce buyers to your property without asking for any money. If an agent claims to have a buyer, as most real estate agents will, that should negate the need for spending money upfront on advertising. Unfortunately, many agents will initially ask a seller to spend money advertising their house (and their agency).

While market conditions are relatively healthy at present, the best buyers will always make themselves known to most of the agents in the area they wish to buy into.

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Before Buying…

Buying a home is one of the biggest steps most of us take in life so it’s important to make sure you avoid some of the pitfalls. Here are some tips for those venturing out to buy a property.

Buying What You Want Instead of What You Need

There are two kinds of buyers; those who buy what they want and those who buy what they need. The public world of materialism is often a private world of financial stress. Do you need four or five bedrooms? Do you need to live in the ‘best’ area? You can buy a better home in a less expensive and less prestigious area.

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